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positive review  My experience working with David Haley Mortgage was amazing. David and his team are true professionals and consistently were on top their game every step... [read more]

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positive review  David Haley and Jan are absolutely the best they went above and beyond to get us into our first home. They are very responsive and... [read more]

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positive review  Nothing beats the smooth, fast, and engaging experience of working with the David Haley Team. David and Jan went out of their way to teach... [read more]

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positive review  David Haley is the mortgage guru. He and his assistant Jan Solo formed the Dream Team who walked alongside us every step of the way,... [read more]

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positive review  Working with David and team was actually a meaningful experience for me. They took the time to educate me on the process every step of... [read more]

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Working with Dave Haley was a real treat. I am a first time home buyer and he was beyond amazing at walking me through and... [read more]

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Your Credit Score

Credit scores for mortgage

What do you know about credit scores?  In today’s financial world, a proper understanding of your credit score and how it affects you is becoming more and more crucial.  Following the financial crisis of the last decade, people are waking up to the importance of credit and the role it needs to play in a healthy economy.  It is therefore that, as a responsible citizen, you can no longer afford to not arm yourself with a basic knowledge of credit scores, how they work, and how they come into play in your life. Continue reading “Your Credit Score”

9 Ways to Avoid Common Buyer Traps

As a Lynnwood mortgage loan officer, I like to think that I’m one of the few people in the real estate world you can really, truly count on to be on your side. While you can generally expect lenders and sellers to be out to increase their own profits, and even the most scrupulous realtors have to split their loyalties between you and the selling party, the mortgage loan officer is the one whose job is to keep the money in your pocket and the stress out of your mind. To this end, I’ve compiled the following list of common traps that you, as a buyer, may face when it comes time to shop for a new home. Don’t stumble, don’t snag, and don’t be taken advantage of ever again when you follow these nine simple steps!
Continue reading “9 Ways to Avoid Common Buyer Traps”

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Are you looking to sell your home? One of the most important decisions you can make is which agent to hire. A bad agent can lose you thousands of dollars and give you nothing but grief, whereas a good agent can move your home quickly, conveniently, and as close to your asking price as possible.

In my work as a Lynnwood mortgage loan officer, I’ve developed a good sense of what makes an effective realtor. When it comes time for you to select an agent, try using this simple, nine step process to screen your potential representatives.
Continue reading “9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent”

4 Common Myths about Fixer-Uppers

Are you in the market for a fixer-upper? Indeed, buying a beat-up old home and improving it yourself can be a good way to save big money on your mortgage, but there are many other factors to consider. Your Lynnwood mortgage loan officer has compiled this list of common misconceptions to help you avoid one of the big money-wasters that frequently afflicts the ambitious do-it-yourselfer.
Continue reading “4 Common Myths about Fixer-Uppers”

6 Things to Know Before Getting a Mortgage

Are you ready to shop for your mortgage? It can be an intimidating process, as it’s a very significant investment that can lose you thousands of dollars. In my work as a Lynnwood mortgage loan officer, I’ve identified the biggest and most common mistakes that people tend to make when securing their mortgages; follow these simple tips before diving into the home-buying process, and you should come out of it with a maximum of money and a minimum of stress.
Continue reading “6 Things to Know Before Getting a Mortgage”

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