Isabelle G. Avatar
I was not aware I could write a review for David! It has been such a pleasure working with the whole team ! Even though... [read more]
I. G. 10/13/2023
Beth J. Avatar
David and Jan work well together. When I have questions David is very patient with me. He will explain the process and the... [read more]
B. J. 10/13/2023
Sachin P. Avatar
David and team were awesome! They made it possible for us to get a loan for a house at lightning speed. David is also very... [read more]
S. P. 7/13/2023
Giuseppe M. Avatar
David is as knowledgable as they come and more than willing to share that knowledge with his clients. He helped make sure I understood not... [read more]
G. M. 7/13/2023
Emily R. Avatar
Dave & Jan were amazing at helping us buy our first home! Dave spent over an hour with us before we agreed to anything just... [read more]
E. R. 5/23/2023
Bill F. Avatar
World class experience w/David Haley and team! We hit it off right away and he had us get all of our docs in order just... [read more]
B. F. 5/13/2023
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Doug H.

How would you rate the level of service you received from us?

Answer: Excellent

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the overall experience in dealing with us?

Answer: Very Satisfied

Would you mind providing a client testimonial about your overall experience?

Answer: David was very helpful in making sure I clearly understood all the levers that could be moved to create a loan that worked for me. At the end of the process, I’m exactly where I wanted to be on my monthly payment with an amazing rate and even less cash required at closing than expected. Well done, Haley Team!

Was there anything we could have done to improve the overall experience for you?

Answer: –

Would you be willing to recommend us to family members or friends?

Answer: Yes

Margery L.

How would you rate the level of service you received from us?
Answer: Excellent

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with the overall experience in dealing with us?
Answer: Very Satisfied

Would you mind providing a client testimonial about your overall experience?
Answer: David was very knowledgeable and was able to present us with options. The staff guided us through making it a smooth and quick process. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Was there anything we could have done to improve the overall experience for you?

Would you be willing to recommend us to family members or friends?
Answer: Yes

Michael L.

David Haley was able to get my underwater mortgage refinanced into a great interest rate. David was great to work with. He took the time to explain all the numbers to me, explain the process, and tell me what to expect during each step. At closing, everything all the numbers matched what I was told they would be, or were better. My house payment dropped by nearly $800 per month. I feel 100% confident recommending David Haley and his team to anyone looking for a Home Loan, or Refinance.

Michael L.  – Lynnwood WA.

Travis M. & Mollie E.

We want to make sure that David Haley gets the recognition he deserves for the exceptional job he did helping us to acquire a loan for our home. Buying a home is an incredibly intimidating process. We went into it with trepidation and no idea if we could even qualify for a loan. The moment we met David, he listened to our concerns and questions and took an incredible amount of time educating us and making sure we understood exactly how the process worked which allowed us to be able to make good, informed decisions. I am sure it would have been A LOT less work for him to just brush us off and tell us to, “trust him”…but instead he took the time to actually earn our trust, and let us be an active part of the process. He worked tirelessly for us, until late hours of the evening, as well as weekends and holidays! He was there for us anytime we had a question, or concern. It took 8 months for us to find the perfect home, and he stuck with us month after month, making sure that when the time came, we would be ready, and there would be nothing standing in our way. He even made it possible to close on the loan early, which in this day and age, is unheard of! David is genuinely excited and passionate about his job, and made what could have been a stressful time, a pleasure.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a home, or refinancing, we can’t recommend David Haley highly enough! We appreciate his hard work so much and he will be the one we turn to when we refinance, or buy any properties in the future.    Thank you Dave!!

Julie K. & Sean R.

I have been trying to find a good mortgage officer since early 2012. I got to know David through a recommendation and it was probably the best decision I made to work with David over 4 different local and national lenders I contacted. He was different than any other people I contacted as he seriously took care of my case and took his time to go over every single details of my case and my mortgage options. (I am talking about multiple sessions of several hours over the past 3 to 4 months) Because of the shortage of the time, he has personally brought application package over to my home at night and drove down to Oregon multiple times to speed up the process due to my complicated personal situation, he even wrote an official letter to the underwriter to explain our situation and made things happen! He is definitely the go to guy for mortgage loans and I really appreciate all the help he has provided. If anyone reading my review is still in doubt, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to meet with you at a coffee shop and talk to you about the loan process I’ve went through and how David was a wonderful help. (The coffee is on me! [email protected].)

We Thank you so much!

N. & L. Johnson

David Haley has been incredibly helpful. After walking into a couple of banks and getting nowhere we met David. He gave us a lot of time and attention and really earned our trust. He educated us about the whole mortgage process and answered any questions we had. He has a ton of knowledge about many aspects of the home buying process. Our whole situation seemed to get very unique and complicated, but David was always there to answer our questions and he helped us navigate many complicated options to find a solution that would work for us. Honestly if we had not met David I don’t think we would be buying a house today and I really feel we owe him a debt of gratitude. If I ever refinance or buy another property I would go back to David, and I definitely would recommend him to others.

J. & H. LaPine

A true pleasure to help one of the nicest families, as well as one of our Navy’s Military Pilot Veteran’s.
David was instrumental in helping my wife and I get our mortgage to successfully go through. He was available all hours of the day, making us feel as though our business meant the world to him. Having fulfilled my active-duty obligation to the Navy and rolling into the reserves while we were in the closing process, David spent hours on the phone with the VA making sure that my VA loan would be approved. Without David’s help and his team of professionals supporting his operation, my family and I would still be looking for our next home. Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, and positive attitude!

C. Thornton & B. Doran

I met David through a previous job I held where I had the chance to work side by side with David. After learning David had an exceptional amount of experience in the Mortgage and Real estate world, my fiancé and I came to him immediately to secure our home loan for our first home. David never missed a beat and was by our side 100% of the way through our home buying experience. He found us the best option that suited all our needs and made sure we understood every detail. We never once felt pressured or overwhelmed when working with David and found he was always available whenever we had questions. What sets David apart from other mortgage brokers is his wealth of knowledge and overwhelming dedication to his work and clients. Even after we bought our home he is still checking in on us to this day answering any of our questions and making sure our home is working out for us. I can honestly and confidently say I would recommend David Haley to anyone of my family or friends.

C. King

In September of last year, I learned that my apartment rent was going to go up another couple hundred dollars. In the two years I had been there, it went from $1400 to $1545. I was told I would be paying over $2000. I realized I needed to buy a home rather than pay someone else. I started looking and was getting so excited about homes I was seeing. I went to a different lender to get a loan and was declined because they said I didn’t have enough in savings to get a home at that time. I needed to have an additional $7000 in my account. I had a home in Texas that was paid off, with ZERO late payments. I had great income. I didn’t understand how I could be rejected.  I was quite depressed and sad about it, not wanting to pay the ridiculous amount my apartment complex was charging me. My daughter talked to an agent and told him what was going on. He said that was ridiculous and that he had a mortgage lender / banker that he knows that could get that loan for me. Although I didn’t believe it would happen, I went in to see David Haley. After going over a few things, he assured me that I should have no problem getting a loan. He helped me clear up a mistake in my credit, and made the loan process effortless to me. Within a very short time, I had my home and the only thing it cost me was 4 cents. VA loans can be a lot of work, yet David made the process so easy for me. I was given my keys the day before Thanksgiving. I can tell you, that Thanksgiving, I gave thanks to Boe for introducing me to David, and to David for helping me get my VA Loan on my new home.

Emery W.

David Haley and his team educated me about the mortgage process and found the best rate on my loan.
The service was stellar. David and his team hit ambitious deadlines and worked all hours to make sure my needs were met and questions were answered. I would recommend David to anyone seeking to purchase a new home.

Funded 10.18.2013

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