Nine Reasons To Buy A Home In Everett, WA

The Everett of 2024 isn’t the Everett you know.

It’s emerging from Seattle’s shadow, taking shape as a hub of growth and opportunity.

It also offers an enviable Pacific Northwest lifestyle at relatively accessible prices—at least for now.

Whether you’re moving for work, hoping to start life as newlyweds or a young family, or strictly looking to invest.

Here are nine reasons Everett belongs on the top of your shortlist.

1. Navy & maritime facilities are a stone’s throw away

Seeking more time for yourself and your family, and less time on the road? If you’re Navy or maritime staff, you’re in the right place.

All of Everett’s maritime facilities—including the Navy and the bustling port—are essentially next door to downtown, and within quick reach of the whole town. You’ll seldom spend more than 15 minutes commuting in from any Everett address.

2. A surprisingly strong sense of community

Everything may check out on paper, but one all-important question remains: will you feel like you belong?

In Everett, most folks would give a resounding yes.

That’s certainly the case for service members, who can step into the closeness and camaraderie of fellow military families.

But it’s equally true for other newcomers who come here for small-city friendliness without forsaking big-city opportunities and education.

This openness and engagement garnered Everett the prestigious All-American City designation back in 2002—a high standard that locals are proud to live up to.

3. (Much more than) base amenities

Navy personnel have immediate access to all the amenities of this major base. Fitness, recreation, and even shopping are right at hand.

And when it comes to the general public, Everett punches above its weight with amenities.

They run the gamut from critical services like downtown’s well-regarded Providence Regional Medical Center, to recreation in the expansive park system, to a slew of entertainment options.

And did we mention the (lack of) driving time? From work to work-out to hang-out, it’s all a quick drive away.

4. Steady demand for rentals

Proximity to the Navy base spells a vibrant rental market that’s resilient against macroeconomic headwinds.

For investors and landlords, it’s a golden opportunity: steady arrivals of military personnel and their families, still accessible prices (by Washington standards), and relatively stable property values.

5. Property prices tend to hold fast

Speaking of stable property values, they’re also a boon to residents.

Rather than sweating the swings of speculative markets, Everett homeowners hold a piece of a market that’s shored up by critical defense and industrial operations.

Few other areas offer that type of long-term stability at all, let alone in a region with such high quality of life.

6. Extensive public services for everyone

The Everett School District boasts strong test scores, graduation rates north of 90%, and a diverse and well-supported student base.

Major systems like Providence and Kaiser Permanente offer comprehensive healthcare, including one of Washington’s half-dozen level II trauma centers.

And when it’s time to leave town, it’s just minutes to major freeways (I-5, I-405, US 2) and even an upcoming light rail extension.

We see Everett as the kind of place you’ll rarely need to leave, yet easily can.

7. There’s unique support for unique challenges

Proximity to the naval station opens doors to an array of services for military families.

From counseling and healthcare to comprehensive family support initiatives, there’s a bevy of resources and support to help everyone thrive amid the obstacles of military life.

8. Cultural & recreational activities abound

Into music festivals? Farmers markets? Seasonal celebrations?

More of a museum person, arts aficionado, or foodie?

Or just looking for accessible ways to keep the kids busy?

Even we are continually surprised at the variety of activities within Everett’s city limits.

And that’s before venturing just 30 minutes south to Seattle, an hour east into the stunning Cascades, or farther afield into the greater Pacific Northwest.

9. Safe, security neighborhoods

Safety and affordability. That’s the trade-off in too many cities these days.

Everett buck that trend, with secure neighborhoods that are also financially feasible, well situated, and on a path of sustainable appreciation.

We’ll help you make Everett home

Investing in a home near Everett’s Navy station transcends the mere acquisition of property. It’s a step into a life replete with convenience, community spirit, and security. For military families, veterans, and civilians alike, the advantages stretch far beyond the confines of their homes, embedding them in a community rich in support, stability, and endless opportunities.

Purchasing a home near the Navy station in Everett, WA, is not just an investment in real estate; it’s an investment in a lifestyle enriched with convenience, community, and security. For military families, veterans, and civilians alike, the benefits extend beyond the property lines, offering a unique living experience rooted in support, stability, and opportunity.

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