How VA Loans Can Help You Make Everett Home

If you’re coming to Everett with the Navy, then first off: welcome! It’s an exciting time to be here, right on the cusp of a transformative decade.

We’re growing. We’re thriving. And we’re eager to welcome you and your family.

But as more folks continue to put down roots in Everett, the real estate market can be daunting.

How much home can you safely afford? What programs and assistance are available? How do you know you’re getting a competitive loan?

David Haley Mortgage, powered by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, specializes in mortgage programs for Navy personnel, on top of years of first-hand knowledge of the local market.

From your COE to receiving your keys, we make VA loans in Washington as smooth as possible!

Building your future with a VA loan

The favorable terms of a VA loan are one of the greatest financial benefits of your service.

In competitive or quickly growing markets like ours, they make all the difference in the world. In fact, if you qualify, then a VA loan is virtually always the best way to finance (or refinance) a home.

As mortgage specialists, one way we try to honor your service is by helping you navigate the opportunities, requirements, and procedures around the VA lending process.

Most Navy households can look forward to:

  • No down payment: Get past the hurdle of a lump sum, so you can move in quickly.
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI): Stretch your budget farther by avoiding unnecessary monthly costs.
  • Competitive rates: Be confident you’re getting a competitive loan at market rates, and not paying a penny more than necessary.
  • Limited closing costs: Generally lower fees mean more money in your pocket—and in your home’s equity.

Perhaps most of all, the VA loan program lets us offer flexible credit requirements. If you’re still building your financial foundation, then this may be the most direct path to realizing the dream of your own home.

Be a part of Everett’s bright future

New naval infrastructure is just one facet of Everett’s broader development.

As a perennial maritime and manufacturing hub, with planned light-rail connections to Lynnwood and Seattle, it’s poised to capture a sizable piece of Western Washington’s growth.

For families, this spells opportunity. It’s a place with a future, where today’s VA mortgage opens the door to tomorrow’s education, community, and prosperity.

Of course, that might feel easier said than done. We’re keenly aware that today’s market is tough for everyone.

But with your COE in hand, you can bypass some of the biggest obstacles. And with the David Haley team, you’ve got the ideal guide along the way.

Why work with us?

David Haley has helped scores of service members put down roots using VA loans in Everett. He brings a unique depth of experience as well as the local knowledge that only a long-time Snohomish County resident can have.

No matter if you’re setting foot in Everett for the first time, or finally buying a place after years of service, David is here to give you confidence and clarity.

As a veteran, active duty service member, or part of a military family, your dream of homeownership in Everett may be within reach!

Contact us to explore your options and see how a VA mortgage could secure your place in our community.

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