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Government Loans

The housing market is always a big concern for governmental bodies. Particularly since the economic downturn, our federal representatives have been laboring to make homeownership more accessible to Americans. It is for this reason that Lynnwood mortgage loan officer David Haley can connect you with any of a number of government funded programs designed to make home loans easier and cheaper for people like you in the area of Lynnwood, Bothell, and Mill Creek.

There are many benefits to government-regulated loans. You can get tax credits for portions of your interest payments. You can get a fixed rate on many of these mortgages, often while enjoying noticeable monthly savings compared to the average market payments. Different government programs offer different perks, so check your qualifications to see what is available to you.

One of the mistakes people can make when seeking a mortgage is assuming that they don’t qualify for valuable programs that can shave hundreds and thousands off of their ultimate bill. Are you a low-income household? Are you planning to buy property in a rural area? Are you an active or former member of the Armed Forces? People from many walks of life can benefit from government-regulated loans, so get informed about the resources available to you and keep an eye out for new developments in this ever-changing political arena.

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