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Mortgage Assistance

If you’re at risk of falling behind on your payments or even facing foreclosure, Lynnwood mortgage loan officer David Haley can help you out. There is a long list of organizations throughout the Lynnwood, Bothell, and Mill Creek regions, both governmental and private, that offer what is called “mortgage assistance” to qualifying individuals. This assistance can come in many forms; it might involve direct financial assistance for a limited time while you get your affairs back in order, it might involve reorganizing your payment plan, or it might let you waive certain fees while you try to get caught up. In whatever form it takes, mortgage assistance has saved many households from the trauma of foreclosure.

The challenge of securing mortgage assistance is finding the right organization to request it from. Possible candidates include federal organizations like HUD, state governments, county courts, city offices, many banks, charities, and churches. Even the Cherokee Nation has been known to offer aide to US citizens of Native American ancestry. Identifying the group that is going to bring you the greatest benefit can be a challenge, which is why you want to have a savvy mortgage loan officer on your side.

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