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First-Time Home Buyer
Are you a first-time home buyer?

Since 2002, David Haley has been a trusted advisor for first-time home buyers, guiding them in securing mortgages with a transparent and strategic approach. Our Google reviews attest to our commitment to detailed, client-focused service, emphasizing the interests and benefits of our clients in every interaction.

You've Found an Expert

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VA Loans
Are you an active member or veteran of the US military?

We can’t (and wouldn’t) give a definitive recommendation before we discuss your needs and priorities one-on-one.

That said, they’re the first choice for the vast majority of those who qualify.


1. Active-duty
2. Reserve or National Guard service
3. You’re the surviving spouse of a veteran

Team at David Haley Mortgage can help you if you’re not sure whether you qualify, or whether VA loans are appropriate for your situation.

Is refinancing the right move, right now?

Refinancing your home is a popular way to take advantage of market changes, meet financial goals, or even pursue life priorities.

Options range from reducing payments to aggressively paying down principal to taking out cash for other purposes. That’s why it’s critical to start with a clear statement of how you hope to benefit.

How to plan for your refinancing

1. Prioritize monthly vs. long-term savings
2. Look into government-backed loan programs
3. Establish your break-even period
4. Shore up your personal finances

The more you can strengthen any or all of the above, the more competitive your rate will be.

We can help you work through different scenarios to see how your personal finances might impact your refi options.

Reverse Mortgage
Why do so many seniors get reverse mortgages?

Many seniors get reverse mortgages to close the gap between their limited income and rising expenses, without having to sell their home.

Reverse mortgages turn equity into liquidity, so seniors can supplement their income to maintain a good standard of living (something economists refer to as “consumption smoothing”).

We Take a Different Approach

Since 2002, we have been dedicated to assisting numerous retirees in navigating their complex options to find the best solution tailored to their unique financial, family, dream, health, and lifestyle needs.

Our Google reviews are a testament to the sterling reputation and lasting relationships we've built by always putting ourselves in the clients' shoes.


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