C. King

In September of last year, I learned that my apartment rent was going to go up another couple hundred dollars. In the two years I had been there, it went from $1400 to $1545. I was told I would be paying over $2000. I realized I needed to buy a home rather than pay someone else. I started looking and was getting so excited about homes I was seeing. I went to a different lender to get a loan and was declined because they said I didn’t have enough in savings to get a home at that time. I needed to have an additional $7000 in my account. I had a home in Texas that was paid off, with ZERO late payments. I had great income. I didn’t understand how I could be rejected.  I was quite depressed and sad about it, not wanting to pay the ridiculous amount my apartment complex was charging me. My daughter talked to an agent and told him what was going on. He said that was ridiculous and that he had a mortgage lender / banker that he knows that could get that loan for me. Although I didn’t believe it would happen, I went in to see David Haley. After going over a few things, he assured me that I should have no problem getting a loan. He helped me clear up a mistake in my credit, and made the loan process effortless to me. Within a very short time, I had my home and the only thing it cost me was 4 cents. VA loans can be a lot of work, yet David made the process so easy for me. I was given my keys the day before Thanksgiving. I can tell you, that Thanksgiving, I gave thanks to Boe for introducing me to David, and to David for helping me get my VA Loan on my new home.

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