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“This year’s Seattle Five Star Mortgage Professional award winners are announced in the January issue of Seattle magazine, and David Haley is among the winners! The Five Star award is presented to local professionals who demonstrate outstanding service to their clients. We receive nominations from local homebuyers and sellers, who evaluate professionals on the services they provide… Congratulations once again to David and all of our 2017 Five Star Mortgage Professionals!”

Dan Zdon
CEO, Five Star Professional

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Seattle Five Star Mortgage Professional

ISS_4567_00440-700x467When you apply for a home mortgage loan, your Mortgage Planner will check your credit score. This is reported to credit agencies as an inquiry and lets creditors know that you are considering taking on new debt. An inquiry can have a negative, but small, effect on your credit score. While still small, inquiries can have a larger effect if you have few accounts or a short credit history. However, inquiries are a mandatory part of applying for a home loan, so they cannot be avoided.

Inquiries made within a 45-day window are only recorded on your credit report as a single inquiry because creditors understand that you are only going to buy one home. This means that multiple lenders can check your credit as long as it is within 45 days of the initial inquiry. It is important to note that the 45-day window only applies to mortgage loans; credit card and other credit inquiries are processed separately.

When you check your credit on your own, it does not have an affect on your score. Before you apply for a home mortgage loan, you should request a credit report to dispute any errors that you see. Because resolving disputes could take longer than 45 days, this will avoid your lender having to submit two inquiries if there are errors on the original report.

For more information about mortgage credit inquires, click here.

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Decorating a child’s room can get pretty expensive, especially if your little one is your first. There are just so many cool things out there and sometimes, parents (and grandparents) can get too excited and spend a lot of money. So, whether you want to redecorate your kid’s room or are just starting to put the nursery together, you will find these inexpensive ideas helpful for you project.

1. Art Gallery


You can create a very inexpensive gallery with your kid’s art or pictures from old kid’s books and frames that you, your family or friends do not use anymore. You can even include your children and have them collect flowers and/or leaves they like and put them in a piece of paper, there are endless ways to do this!

2. Furniture Makeover


Thrift stores and garage sales are full of hiding gems; find a piece of furniture you like and add your own style to it, or you can repurpose it, like this old cabinet turned into a small kid’s diner.

3. Handmade


Get creative with the things you have at hand, use some colored paper to cut out fun shapes, you can even make your own pompoms, and if you are into sewing, check out this DIY less than $10 teepee.

4. Check out IKEA


Ikea is known for having low-priced, and pretty cool things. But if you are really creative you can make the most of what you get at the store. Just take a look at how these Ikea products have been transformed!

5. Use wall decals


An easy way to give your kids room character is by using wall decals, no need to be the best artist when you can get ready to go decoration for your wall. Wall decals can get to be a little expensive, but some stores, like Target, have cool and reasonably priced decals.

6. Chalkboard paint


Paint a wall with black chalkboard paint, your kids will have a giant canvas to draw on. You can also use this to write reminders or routines for your kids.

7. Small spaces

Make the most of the space you have available, there are really cool beds and room furniture that come with extra storage. Or you can use what you have and reorganize it, like this parent whose kid’s closet was out of control.

8. Get to know Pinterest


Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas, is the to-go website for people who love DIY. This platform is full with ideas and we know you will love it!

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