Lynnwood’s Alderwood Manor Neighborhood

Alderwood Manor is a popular and rapidly growing neighborhood in Lynnwood, Washington. As of the 2020 Census, it’s home to just over 5,100 people.

Known for quiet streets and a secluded feel, this enclave of generally spacious homes is only half an hour’s drive north of Seattle, and adjacent to the lively commercial areas around Alderwood Mall.


The roomy homes around Alderwood Manor fetch a moderate to high price per square foot, in keeping with other desirable spots in Snohomish County.

Owner-occupied single-family homes are the norm. Houses aren’t often for rent, although there is only one large apartment complex in the neighborhood.

As you’ll find throughout Lynnwood, prices are changing quickly as more people seek to settle here.


The well-regarded Edmonds School District serves Alderwood Manor and several adjoining areas. Most local families attend Lynnwood or Spruce Elementary School, Alderwood or Meadowdale Middle School, and Lynnwood or Meadowdale High School.

Some parents also opt for one of several private schools within about 5–10 miles of the neighborhood.


Like most of Lynnwood, Alderwood Manor is roughly halfway between Seattle and Everett.

The neighborhood has good freeway access, being just minutes west of the I-5/I-405 interchange. Immediately southwest of Alderwood Manor, an upcoming light rail station will give locals a great option to leave town—and leave their cars behind.


Close to home, residents can enjoy the fresh air and greenery at Pioneer Park. Dozens of other parks, trails, and green spaces are also accessible within a few miles’ drive.

Seattle’s big-city amenities and Everett’s burgeoning cultural scene are both readily accessible, while outdoorsy types enjoy easy access to the Cascades via Highway 2.

Moving to Alderwood Manor in Lynnwood

It’s easy to see why so many out-of-towners opt for Alderwood Manor, and why plenty of Lynnwood locals hope to own their first house here.

If you’d like to call it home, too, then here are three tips for an easy transaction and transition.

1. Don’t be scared!

If the homebuying process seems a bit overwhelming or mystifying, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Even if it’s not your first house, it’s still normal for the whole thing to feel like…a bit much.

Remember that a big part of your agent’s job is to help you stay on top of all those moving pieces!

2. Find a local expert to guide you

Speaking of agents, it’s essential to find someone who knows Alderwood Manor and its vicinity like the back of their hand.

Agents who can fill out paperwork are a dime a dozen, but there’s no substitute for the street-by-street knowledge of someone who actually lives and works in the Lynnwood area.

3. Talk to lenders & get pre-approved

Before doing anything else, it’s important to consult a lender and have a mortgage pre-approval in hand.

This will let you move quickly and make a successful offer—fingers crossed!—once you’ve found the ideal Alderwood Manor home.

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