VA Home Loan – Purchase or Refinance

VA Home Loans, for me personally, are a true pleasure to work with, as they allow me the opportunity to meet all types of service men & women who acted on a core principle belief — honor!  My father had served over twenty-one years in the Air Force, and it is a pleasure to have a way to thank military personnel like him for their years of service.

I am so passionate about helping our Military Personnel with a VA Home Loan because it allows the active, retired or veteran military personnel receive one of the most stable loans with no monthly mortgage insurance.

Depending on your eligibility for a VA loan, there could be no funding fee.  This means you have or are receiving some disability benefit from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Many times I have heard from a person who is wanting to refinance a home loan, and I will find out that he or she had served in our Armed Forces.  I then ask them if they would like to do a VA Loan, and they say that they used it already.  Well, I am here to tell you that you can use it again! While it is true that you can only have one VA loan active at a time, you may have another opportunity to use it again.  We will need to dig further on this, but it can happen. Each person’s level is different.

These are rewarding loans for me, personally, as I had stated before.  Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me or you can click this link for one of the best Mortgage Calculators for a VA Home Loan: Calculator. Please note the pull down bar as this will allow for several options pertaining specifically for our veterans.

Here is more added info pertaining to VA Rules:

Thank you for reading this.  I hope it has been a big help to you.

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