Jobs Report Shines, Rates Go Up

Jobs Report Shines, Rates Go Up

Last week ended with the release of the jobs report, which represents the most influential piece of economic data in the world. Though many were expecting a lackluster report, and hoping that it would inspire the Fed to postpone the rate hike they scheduled for December, the report exceeded expectations across the board. Employers added more jobs than they have in any month since December of 2014, with a total of 271,000. The unemployment rate dipped down to 5%. Meanwhile, hourly earnings went up by 0.4.

The main takeaway is that the Fed is now almost certain to raise rates next month. With this revelation, mortgage rates jumped significantly higher today. Most lenders are offering their highest rates since July. This may result in some of the pressure being released, and it is not impossible that we may see this trend reverse throughout the coming days. However, floating remains a risky prospect, outweighing the potential rewards for most people looking to secure a loan in the near future.

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