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Prosperity on the Rise

The Seattle Times reports more Americans are buying homes during these times of high-priced houses. Indeed, recovery of the housing industry is well on its way as more and more households experience the boost in income and lifestyle. Stock portfolios, mutual funds, pension plans, and savings and checking accounts also are soaring.

In the second quarter this 2016, mortgage debt rose 2.5 percent at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. It was the biggest gain in a quarter in more than eight years. More people are taking on loans with the rush of household wealth, buying themselves homes, hence, driving up market sales which reached a nine-year high this June. Ownership equity now equals 57.1 percent of the value of Americans’ homes. It’s the highest level since 2006.

With more confidence and financial freedom, Americans were observed cashing -out on their home equities and refinancing their mortgages. The additional gains are used for more spending, like home improvements. We are actually seeing affluency on the come-back.

Thinking of Cash-out Refinancing in Lynnwood

Are you really committed to refinancing your housing loan? Certainly you would want to get more on a second loan to be able to spend more. You want savings and you want to know all your options to get the best out of an otherwise sticky situation. Come to Lynnwood and consult with one of the wizards in refinancing. David Haley has been a friend and confidant in many cases of loan refinancing. What you’ll know from David is a ton of help and that’s only with our mortgage company in Lynnwood.

Then and Now

Many 20-something and even 30-something young Americans are already in the zone of house- dreaming. Maybe you’re one of those in the zone who’s paying rent or paying off student loan and wondering if it would ever happen that you’d get to own a house. It looked somewhat easy for your folks to procure their first house, some 40 years ago, when they were in their late 20’s. While by historical standards the mortgage rates per month have been kept low, the prices of homes have soared and that makes downpayments tougher to cover these times.

If your intention is to establish your first home in an expensive neighborhood, then you should start saving early and for longer for the down payment. Money down for great locations fetch as high as 24% of the purchase price. However,do look around at more affordable locations that will not stretch your budget too far. It will also allow you to establish roots sooner than later. Also, shop around for first-time homeowners’ programs as in government-sanctioned companies that offer easy down payments.


Affording Expert Help in Lynnwood

Helping young people, like yourself, on the goal towards home ownership is one of Dave Haley’s expertise. Many first-time homeowners come in with just their dream and maybe a lot of savings for the downpayment and very little else. When it comes to home loans, you must arm yourself with its intricacies, like available options, fixed and adjustable rates, monthly interests, and loan terms.

If you’ve found your target home anywhere in Lynnwood, Bothell, or in Mill Creek region, where communities are lovely and homes are affordable, David can surely find you the best alternatives that will work in your particular circumstance. Let David make mortgage easy for you with a payment plan within your means that allows you to keep your home and your credit score for years ahead.

Eager House Buyers and Housing Shortages

Metropolitan areas where home-buying is on the rise have contributed to the spiking of prices of homes across the US. Seattle WA, together with Portland and Denver, registered gains in real estate transactions and also paved the way for increased house prices.

There are housing shortages in some markets that drove home prices still higher. The limited inventory is said to be caused by not enough new homes being built since recovery from recession, sellers (like the elderly) refusing to part with their properties and opting to stay. There are homeowners who have to shell out money to settle an old loan, hence couldn’t sell and those who couldn’t sell their old homes because they couldn’t find a new one. Also, you’d find an increasing number of people who opt to stay put where they have been living and will not want to relocate even if they’ve got new jobs in other places. These are seen in both new and existing homes, in spite of low mortgage rates and in spite of eager buyers.


Mortgage Expertise in Lynnwood

If you are a homebuyer, prospecting for that house of your dreams and finding difficulty of locating one in Seattle, try looking not too far north and you might find one in Lynnwood. Lynnwood is a lovely mix of urban, suburban and small city to many professionals working in Seattle. Nonetheless, you need the expert assist of an experienced and trusted mortgage company that knows the intricacies of housing loans. With David Haley of Fairway Mortgage in Lynnwood, learn how acquiring the best loan options is made very easy. Many Washingtonians have come to rely on David for expert speedy resolution of loan applications.

Is it the best time to buy?

According to the Seattle Times, mortgage companies are keeping track of the average for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage which declined to 3.48 percent from 3.50 percent in mid September this year. Even the 15-year fixed mortgage rate eased to 2.76 percent from 2.77 percent. On the average, there is a 0.5 point difference – corresponding to fees paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the loan amount – which translates to savings for the home buyer. As the markets calm, home loan rates are stabilizing.

While the US mortgage rates are historically low, the recent developments made impressions on both the buyer and seller markets in the single family residential real estate sector. It’s telling you that this is a good time to go house-hunting and finding yourself a trusted and sturdy mortgage company to set you along your way.

However that we are seeing the scenario of job markets improving together with low mortgage rates, it looks like the number of properties on sale does not meet the eager demands of house- hunting clients. Even so, you would need advice from those who know the ins and outs of the market.

Take your case to David Haley

You might be one of those enthusiastic home buyers having difficulty finding a property for sale. But are you really ready for the purchase? We invite you to come to see David Haley of Fairway, your mortgage company in Lynnwood.

Many would-be buyers come to David for advice in home-buying and find his expertise a great boost in the right direction. As a mortgage expert, he advises those who are still searching for their ideal property on the complexities of loan applications, the best options, and all the sources of eligibility, upgrades, savings,and others. Let David help navigate your way through stress-free home ownership.


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